Happy Earth Day

Posted by Aviva Jansen Perea on

Happy Earth Day!   Day Rate Beauty's biggest accomplishment is its successful establishment as a model of 100% sustainability in both product and packaging worldwide. Opting for our sustainable hairpins actively diverts waste from landfills as they are designed to naturally breakdown over time.   Our pins are constructed of stainless steel, the most commonly used green material. Our nylon coating is a green renewable, castor seeds, our dying process is a nontoxic process that is lead free and Azo free. All of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

This achievement sets a high standard for the beauty industry and demonstrates the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. By prioritizing sustainability throughout its operations, Day Rate Beauty not only differentiates itself from competitors but also inspires positive change in the industry and resonates with eco-conscious consumers. One often underestimated contributor to our overflowing landfills are the countless cheap hairpins that vanish yearly – an estimated 1.73 billion, to be exact. Weekly, this translates to a staggering 4.739 million pins, or 18,514 pounds, lost to landfills each day. A staggering 98% of hairpins succumb to landfills globally, underscoring the dire need for sustainable alternatives.The prevalent packaging, often in environmentally unsound cards, not only lacks convenience but also fails to offer a sustainable storage solution. It is conspicuously evident that the beauty industry has been remiss in recognizing the latent potential of this untapped market, thus failing to acknowledge the pivotal role of innovative packaging and contemporary branding.

This prevailing market landscape has resulted in a glaring absence of high-quality hairpins and bobby pins, leaving discerning customers with limited options

Day Rate Beauty is revolutionizing the beauty industry with our premium,100%  sustainable, perfectly color matched hair and bobby pins.This accomplishment reflects our values, vision, and dedication to making a meaningful impact on the planet while delivering high-quality beauty products.

Happy Earth Day