Aviva's Blog - Summer Snatched Top Knot Tutorial

Posted by Sandra Navarro on

As we move quickly move into Summer, I offer the steps below to place your hair into a simple Summer top knot, please follow these steps:

1) Brush through your hair and then gather your hair into a VERY high ponytail. Really pull it forward so that people will see the knot on the top of your head. 

2) Take three french hair pins (min pins for fine or short hair & foundation pins  for medium-long hair or thick hair) and keep them on hand for when you start to twist.

3) Start twisting your hair until it starts to coil on itself.

4) When you reach the ends, tuck them into the bun - this is where you put the first pin. Insert the pin perpendicularly and then flip it so it scoops the hair on the side of your head, and then push through. Repeat with the other two pins creating a peace pin. You will feel the pins go under and over each other in the bun.

That's how you know you will have a secure hold.

Follow along with the tutorial below!   


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