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Day Rate Beauty is a model of sustainability for the beauty industry and whose contents cause no harm to the planet.

Billions of bobby and hairpins are produced and distributed annually. Most are made abroad (China and India), and due to the poor quality of these international pins, it is estimated that 1.73 billion hairpins are lost each year. Bobby and hairpins are used and lost so frequently by women around the world, that they deeply impact the environment as-well as frivolously waste materials.

Approximately 70% of beauty industry waste comes from packaging, and most pin packaging is just as unsustainable as most hairpins are. Beauty waste packaging amounts to 120 billion units every year. This waste includes plastic, paper and glass, all of which end up in landfills, some of which could have been recycled

NYLON: Our nylon coating is a green, renewable product made from castor seeds, namely Castor oil.. Despite a cost 3 times greater than typical paint or powder finish, nylon is our choice for its sustainable qualities. 

DYING: Our pin dying process is not only low energy and low impact, but the dyes are non toxic, lead free, and AZO free

PACKAGING: All of our packaging is fully recyclable, and our tubes and boxes are made of 100% natural environment biodegradable paper. The inks we use are completely non-toxic and recyclable, we have a certification for that.  And all of the packaging is made of FSC certified paper, which is apparently the most sustainable option.

STAINLESS STEEL: Stainless steel is among the most commonly used green raw materials. Stainless steel is fantastically sustainable due to it being  100% recyclable. 

DOMESTIC PRODUCTION: Our domestically sourced and produced pins contribute to a much quicker production time, and a greatly reduced carbon footprint. 

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