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Welcome to the premier release of the Day Rate Beauty blog! I am the founder of Day Rate Beauty, Aviva Jansen Perea, and I have been working as a celebrity hairstylist in Hollywood for almost 20 years. I sincerely hope that this blog will be a meeting place for beauty, fashion and all things feel-good. Our main goal is to write about informative beauty topics, advocacy based news, stories of career/business, and everything in between!

We would love to hear from our readers with any feedback, input or suggestions you would like to offer for future blogs. 

Day Rate Beauty launched on June 9, 2022 to great feedback amongst the tight knit styling community, and customers alike. These products are the result of scouring beauty supply stores around the world and never finding anything similar for myself, or my kit. A product created out of need, and a company inspired by a career-long desire to empower other underrepresented people in my industry and beyond. 

The first in our product line is a variety of stunningly color matched, anti-breakage, sustainable hair pins and bobby pins (sometimes called u-shaped pins or french hair pins). Our stainless steel pins are unmatched in strength and sturdiness, all while speaking to an aesthetically-minded consumer. Our primary focus is creating products which are renewable, recyclable and environmentally friendly! (future blog posts to come on these topics) Our stainless steel pins are manufactured in the USA and coated in sustainably sourced nylon - made from low-impact castor beans. All of our tubes, boxes and shippers are made of 100% biodegradable FSC-certified paper. We were incredibly focused on designing packaging that helps keep track of the pins, aiming to eliminate single use. 

I am so proud of Day Rates' mission to advocate and inspire inclusion. We are actively working to setup the “Day Rate Beauty Giving Back Program”. We intend to empower through education, time spent and product donations. The name “Day Rate Beauty'' pays homage to the 20 years of consistent hard work, often very aware of the pay discrepancy between myself and others in my industry with fewer years working. As an LGBTQ+ woman of color, it’s very clear how valuable open and honest identities are to show people in similar communities that anything is possible. Using Day Rate Beauty, I intend to look for ways to collaborate with other minority stylists to create a brand fueled by diverse creativity and thought. Throughout my career I have seen how racially imbalanced the styling community is, leading to a deep motivation to create a company that both represents my career and empowers minorities in a way I was not. 

As we go to press with our first blog, we are extremely excited to announce the release of The Hair Apparent Podcast! Hosted by the amazing and legendary Mark Townsend and myself! We are going to chat about career, family, friendships, and interview some of the most talented people we have met along the way! Looks for us on Apple or Spotify Podcasts, and give us a follow @hairapparentpodcast on social media! 

Thank you in-advance for the support! I hope you love our products and please don't forget to tag us in the looks you create!

Xoxo Aviva

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